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  • What is the project area?
    NMDOT is evaluating potential transportation improvements to the I-25 corridor between Comanche Road and Montgomery Boulevard in Albuquerque, including the freeway, frontage roads and interchanges.
  • How did we get here?
    The I-25 Improved; Comanche to Montgomery project is building upon past studies in the Albuquerque area. In 2011, the Phase IB Alternatives Analysis Study was conducted to document existing and future deficiencies within the North I-25 corridor and to evaluate and refine possible alternatives to address the identified needs. The North I-25 corridor extends north of Interstate 40 (I-40) to Tramway Road interchange in Albuquerque. In 2016, the Supplemental Phase IB Study was updated to reflect the Mid Region Council of Governments' (MRCOG's) 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) as well as completed projects. A Preferred Alternative was selected in this study. To learn more about these efforts, please click the Previous Studies tab.
  • What transportation improvements will be made?
    While design will be ongoing through early 2024, the project team has identified that improvements will be made to the I-25 corridor between Comanche Road and Montogomery Boulevard, including the freeway, frontage roads and interchanges.
  • When can I provide public input?
    A Public Meting was held in August 2021 followed up a formal comment period. To watch the public meeting or to see the presentation, please click here. The project team is always interested in informal comments and feedback. To get in touch with the project, you can email the project at or call the hotline at 505-785-ROAD.
  • What is a design-build project?
    During a design-build process, NMDOT selects and hires a team to design and build the project simultaneously. The design-build selection process fosters the most innovative and cutting-edge construction solutions while delivering a quality product for the best value. For this project, the Preferred Alternative for the interchanges identified in the 2011 and 2016 Phase IB studies will be developed to a conceptual level and then advertised for a competitive bid process to select a design-build team to complete the design and construction of the project.
  • When does construction start?
    Construction is anticipated to begin in 2024.
  • How do I sign up for updates?
    Click here to sign up for email and text updates on the project.
  • What active transportation improvements will be made?
    The project team met with the Greater Albuquerque Active Transportation Committee (GAATC) to look at options to improve pedestrian and cyclist access through this area. On both Comanche Road and Montgomery Boulevard, at the I-25 interchange, barrier separated shared-use paths will be added for improved safety for the traveling public. To view the typical sections of these improvements, please click here.
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